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tarfand end kardan va dl kardan file az bombus

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modire anjoman
modire anjoman
: baraye send kardan va download kardan ba bombus bayad send konande va download konandeye file har 2 taraf ta etmame send va download file bayad ba bombus online b bashan.

1) fard send konandeye file be roye id daryaft konandeye file beravad va roye id taraf action ro bezane va send file ro entekhab kone ye page baz mishe bad select file ro entekhab kon va file morede nazar ro entekhab kone va ok ro bezane hala file be taraf ersal shod.

2) hala bayad download konandeye file be menu ---> tools --> file transferz bere hala esme file ke behesh send shode ro mibine hala bayad rosh ok kone ye page baz mishe hala bayad path ro entekhab kone va posheyi ro ke mikhad file dar on save she ro entekhab kone va ok ro bezane hala file dar hale download hast , bad az etmame download file dar un posheyi ke entekhab kardeyid save mishe.

: file ra bayad dar memory card save kard.


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