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ax gozashtan posht zamineye drive

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1 ax gozashtan posht zamineye drive on 2011-08-22, 16:29


کاربر فعال
کاربر فعال
salam emroz mikham ye kare jaleb behet0n yad bdam, ba in dastor mitoni axhay ro ke dost dari bendazid poshte safhe drivet0n braye inkar kafie in dastor to notpad benevisid


IconArea_Image=MASIRE AX.jpg


-bad ba format .ini save k0nid
-bad in file0 t0 drive past k0nid
-jaye MASIRE AX ,adres axi ke mikhayn posht zamine drivet0n bashe r0 vared k0nid
-ax ba format png ya jpg bashe
-ax ya to drive C ya ham0n drive ke ax posht zamine mizarin bashe

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